New CD: Cloud Chamber by Lunapark

My 2008 ensemble piece Cloud Chamber is featuring on the first CD of the new label M Records, by Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. The CD was recorded by Lunapark. It includes works by Louis Andriessen, Piet-Jan van Rossum, Arnold Marinissen and Dugal McKinnon.

Cloud Chamber is a comment on the first movement of Beethoven's last string quartet, Opus 132. Out of esteem I decided not to go standing too close to the master. Instead, in Cloud Chamber I am looking at Beethoven from a distance. Like his contemporary Kaspar David Friedrich puts the ‚Rückenfiguren’ in his paintings as a small silhouet, in rear view, and as part of a vast landscape.

You can buy the CD, titled A beautiful bed to lie down in, in Lunapark's webshop, or on iTunes.