A Sort of Homecoming @ Club Guy & Roni

A Sort of Homecoming is ambient music for a dance performance by Club Guy & Roni.

What does war do to your soul? Can you really come home, or does a part of you always remain behind on the battlefield? Club Guy & Roni produced an interdisciplinary performance about the war that a veteran always carries within him. Three dancers and an actress explore the boundaries of dance, theatre and music to tell the soldier’s story.

The distinctively original dance company Club Guy & Roni from Groningen invited Judith Herzberg to write a new script for Igor Stravinsky’s famous work L’Histoire du Soldat (1918).

Proceeding from the theme of ‘the soldier’, Herzberg wrote the compelling story of Ikme, who returns scarred by the madness of the battlefield. He meets a woman and the devil, who both confront him with the world in which he lived before the war and where he no longer seems to belong.

Stravinsky’s powerful music, performer by Lunapark and combined with the raw, explosive dance language of Club Guy & Roni make the topicality of the story palpable. Unsettling and poignant.

April 4 in Theater Geert Teis, Stadskanaal
April 12 in Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht
April 18 in Stadsschouwburg, Amstelveen