New CD: For Aart Strootman and Dust by electric guitarist Aart Strootman

Electric guitarist Aart Strootman recently recorded my pieces For Aart Strootman and Dust, on an album that includes work by Steve Reich and Strootman himself.

A couple of years ago, when asked by electric guitarist Aart Strootman to write a new work, I reverted to one of my Graduales for voices. For Aart Strootman uses the principle of change ringing, just like the first Graduale: a maximum of combinations with a limited number of bells.

Like Bells and For Aart Strootman, Dust is part of a series of pieces for electric guitar. The overall title for this series will be Grids, which is exactly what these pieces are: electric guitar studies built on tight frameworks.

You can buy the CD on Aart Strootman's website.